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We are a consulting engineering firm, committed to offering our clients a high level of quality, efficiency, and service delivering structural engineering projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Youssef Hachem Consulting Engineering aka YHCE is located in South Florida and has a select staff of professionals with a wide and diverse experience in the practice of civil and structural engineering design, analysis, and construction services.

YHCE is a talented, experienced, and innovative structural engineering firm, taking advantage of the latest design and computer technology available.


YHCE is an industry leader in the field of Consulting Engineering with more than 15 years of experience designing cost-effective structures. Our select team of professional engineers has been involved in more than 2000 projects.


We are a team of highly motivated professionals & structural engineers located in Miami, dedicated to providing construction administration services, special inspections, and engineering design, working alongside architects, contractors, developers, and project owners to produce successful construction projects.


We are committed to people.

We deliver cost-effective results.

We are always looking to innovate.

We Believe in long term design value.

We respect our world.

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We have done more than 2,500 projects around the U.S. with a wide career designing hospitality, residential, commercial, municipal, parking garages, pools, and mixed-use projects.


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