Why do we need Non-Destructive Testing

Obtain Field Data and Measurements when accurate records are not available:

Construction Mistakes

Illegal Additions

Historical Buildings

Lack of As-builts

Here Is How We Can Help

Our service encompasses the following :

  • Non-Destructive Tools – Radar (High/Low Frequency Radio Waves), Magnetic/ Electrical Conductivity, and Radioactive (X-Rays and Gamma Rays).
  • Other tools – Swiss Hammer, Infra-red Cameras, Moisture Content, Pile Driving Analyzers and Weld Integrity
  • What do we get out of it? – Rebar Cover, size, location and condition (corrosion), conduit location, slab thickness, voids in slab and broken post/ pre-stressed tendons.
  • What is GPR? – Non Destructive Testing Tool that uses radar in high and low frequency radio waves, to identify the location of buried items. Can be used in concrete and ground.
  • Practical Uses – As-Built Certificates for Illegal Additions and Historical Buildings



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